7 Ways to Prevent or Slow Wrinkles.

Today is hot all ready so I will try to get this Day 2 challenge and then shut off my computer for the day.l

Here are some ways to prevent wrinkles or at least slow them down and keep your skin looking young.

1) Stay out of the mid-day sun. Midday sun dries out the skin. If you need to be in the sun, make sure to drink water and use an aloe based sunscreen and aloe lotion. Water hydrates you and the aloe pulls moisture (water) into the layers of your skin to help the skin keep hydrated.

2) Don’t smoke – Smoking produces free damaging radicals and enzymes linked to wrinkles.

3) Stay hydrated, Drinking water keeps the skin plump and hydrated  You need at least. 6 to 8 glasses of water more if you are physically active or over weight..

4) Wash wisely and don’t use harsh soaps on your skin as they are drying – Soaps that foam are very drying to the skin. Drying soaps cause wrinkling skin.

5) Exercise daily – Daily exercise keeps the blood and fluids circulating in your body. Exercise helps get rid of the free radicals and give your skin color.

6) Lower stress levels – The more stress and tension that we have in our bodies makes us stiff. Stiff tightening muscles gives is wrinkles eventually. It will give us furrows in our forehead and face.

Gardening gives you veggies that are good quality and fresh air when you work in it.

7) Eat good real food – Eating foods with healthy oils, fruits and veggies are very good for our skin.  Healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, flax and nuts keep our skin lubricated and smooth.  Fruits and veggies have fiber and water in them to keep the body lubricated and moist.

So here are 7 ways to help prevent ageing and wrinkles.

Also, not related to this blog post, please pray for rain in the areas that have not had rain for over a month. It is hard on the gardens and farmers fields.

Remember to eat well and stay hydrated.

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