6 tips for winter skin.

Winter brings on a whole new set of skin problems or changes.

Winter in many areas brings on dry skin. Here are 6 tips.

1. Make sure that you are drinking your water. Dry air in the car, outside and in your home brings on dry skin and dry internal organs. If you are stuffed up all the more reason to drink your water.

2. Exercise to keep your circulation going.  Exercise will keep you warm and give your skin a nice glow.

Good for winter skin

3. Do not shower to much. This will dry out your skin.  When you must shower use an aloe based moisturizer as it will heal your skin while moisturizing.

4. Eat your vitamin C.  Vitamin C keeps you skin supple and keeps your organs healthy.  You can take vitamins, but more important is to eat lemons, oranges, limes or grapefruit  as they  have water and fiber in them, too.

5. Keep moisture and plants in your sleeping spaces.  We dry clothes at night or put damp towels next to heating vents. This will help you prevent dehydration at night. Plants bring moisture into the air and they use up the carbon dioxide that you make while you sleep.  Both will help you sleep better.

6. Last but not least, smile.  You don’t want your face to naturally have a frown.  A smile will tell others that you are happy.  What is not to like about that!

What tips can you share about keeping you skin healthy during the cold winter months? Post in comments.



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  1. Great advice! I always have dry skin in the winter so I will definitely try some of your suggestions. One new thing that I am trying this year is vitamin D3 along with the vitamin C. Great post!
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