Part 2 — 5 ways to prevent dehydration.

Last week we talked about how to watch for dehydration.

Today, we will talk about how to prevent dehydration.

The main thing is  we need to keep hydrated in the first place.  There are ways to prevent dehydration.

1) Be prepared – If you are going to be in the heat all day bring foods to hydrate you.  Water being the most important, but you also, need to have foods that are high in liquid.  That being said, fruit would be the best choice. When it is very hot our family eats watermelon and other melons. Melons are high in water content but they, also, have vitamins and minerals.  When it is over 100 degrees, many of us do not want to eat, so we need to have nutrition with our liquids.

2) Think ahead especially in the summer.  When grocery shopping pick up things that you can grab with out having to go to the grocery store every time you step out your door.

3) Avoid places that will make you sick in the summer. I have trouble going in and out of air conditioning. Doing this give me a very horrible headache.   So for me I do not go to out door malls in the summer.  I personally leave the a/c off as long as I can stand it and then I try going out in the morning or late in the evening so the a/c and heat change are not as bad.  If  you must go back and forth be tween the to extremes, make sure that you keep your water and snacks with you at all times.

4) Slow down – When it is 100 degrees or over 80 degrees and humid, you cannot keep up the pace you do when it is cold outside. Take time to reflect on what is truly important and only do those things.

5) The elderly and the young – You need to keep and eye on these two age groups.  The elderly do not think they are thirsty and the young do not take the time to think about drinking and eating. If you are nursing a baby,  just sit and nurse the baby while you are keeping hydrated yourself. It is very important that you keep a watchful eye on these two groups.

To recap: be prepared, think ahead, avoid places that will make you sick,  slow down, watch the elderly and the young.

Keep hydrated and enjoy your summer.

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