It is way to hot… 5 ways to handle the heat.

5 Ways to handle the heat.

1) Keep hydrated – Drink plenty of water and eat fresh and frozen fruit and veggies.  Fruit and veggies are high in water and mineral content.

2) Close the curtains on the sunny side of the house or building you are in.

3) If you need to be out in the heat,  wear light clothing and use cold cloths on your neck.  Yesterday we had to go for a long  ride in a car without  air conditioning and the cold cloth made a world of difference.

4) Take a cool shower or play in the sprinkler.

5) Make cold meals or cook on the grill.  If you don’t use the stove and oven your a/c will not have to work as hard.

I tell you that I have been thankful that the last two days we have had a/c.

Let me know how you keep cool. Stay safe.

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