5 Tips to improve your skin.

5 Tips to improve  your skin and why. What is the first thing people notice when they look at you? Your skin of course.IF you want you skin to improve you need to wash it daily.

1. The first thing you want to do is to ex foliate your skin… Why you say… you wash our face everyday. Sometimes twice a day… Well, ex foliating your skin takes off the dead skin cells, leaving your vibrant glowing skin for all to see. Your body sloughs off dead skin cells ever 2 days to a week, depending on how old you are. These skin cells are what makes your skin drab.

2. Make sure that you use lots of aloe based skin care and lotions do to the damage the do to the damage the sun does to your skin. Aloe keeps the skins moisture alive, and healing your skin in the process. While the sun is good for you, you do not want your skin to burn.

3. Take care of your lips during the winter. Aloe and vitamin E are good for lips in healing with the dry heat in the house and the cold dry air outside.

4. A paradigm shift that many people should make is not showering everyday. Showering everyday for many people that are not physically dirty or sweaty will be drying out your skin. For many people, that leads to eczema and and other skin problems. If you have dry skin, use body lotions that are aloe based. The aloe will pull moisture down into your skin to help heal and moisturize your skin.

5. Using products with perfumes and dyes in them, irritate many peoples skin. Sticking to aloe based products will heal the skin..

So in review. 1. Exfoliate 2. Moisturize with aloe when you are going to be in the sun 3. Use aloe and vitamin E on your lips 4. Do not shower daily unless physically dirty or sweaty. 5. Stay away from perfumes and dyes. Hope this will help revive and liven up your skin for the fall.. Happy Fall.


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  1. Hi Debbie-
    I am from 31 Day Blog Challenge visiting you again. Aloe is extremely popular in my home country, but I didn’t believe in it as much until I began seeing its popularity here in the USA. I totally agree that we should especially exfoliate our skin each day and as I have gotten older I am paying more attention and making sure I do my skin regimen at night as well. Your post has reminded me of the importance of Aloe.
    I didn’t know about the skipping of baths. Interesting. I take two a day because I do exercise and especially that I go for long walks with a walking buddy. She and I will have an interesting conversation on that one. So you certainly have given me food for thought.

    • It was a new idea for my years ago. The days I do not exercise or sweat, I do not shower. I have found that I must not wash my hair everyday either. It just keeps getting drier as I get older. If you put your hair up when you exercise, then you can take a quick rinse off with out doing your hair. We shower much more then generations past. Ruth thank you for stopping by.

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