5 tips for getting through cabin fever.


Tried a new tip I learned last week with my house plants. The tip was to use epsom salt in your plant water as it will give the plants magnesium. Within one day, my plants perked up and turned green.

The kids and their dad putting together jigsaw puzzles to fight cabin fever.





Ways to keep healthy in winter.  Eat citrus,  have plants in your living and sleeping area, drink plenty of water as cold dry weather will dehydrate you.  Keep your skin moisturized with aloe skincare.


Look for interesting things in nature and  baby goats were born yesterday.  We will try to get better pictures of the babies this week.

Below give us more ideas on how you handle cabin fever.  Yesterday and today it was in the 40’s and Monday it is to be below zero for the first time this year.  We could use ideas… thanks.  Have a good weekend.

Try free sample of aloe based L’BRI skincare. 


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  1. Cabin fever does not seem to effect me to much because I don’t stay in all day. However Mondays minus 5 with a minus 25 chill factor means that I’m NOT leaving the house. That is a sign that Wisconsin is going to have a very cold February so I will spend the time working on new recipes and taking pictures for my blog. I will go to Milwaukee and visit the Domes in mid-February, but only once because they are a little expensive. I like to set in the Desert Dome for about 45 minutes then move to the Forest dome for another 45 minutes and just watch all the birds etc. It’s my winter fix.
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  2. Had to just let a fellow knitter know that I read her post via Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m not exactly up to date either, but I keep plugging away.

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