5 more tips for Cabin Fever.



Try something new in winter.  One of the new things we are trying is raising goats.  These babies were born last Friday.  When they don’t need the milk any more we will use the milk to drink and try to make soap and cheese.






I have always wanted to make doughnuts and Saturday night my 13 year old decided that Saturday was the day.  Everyone loved them…

We are bored with jigsaw puzzles for the time being and now it is time to use the race track.  Last night the kids found and led display. My daughter connected it to the car track start. The connection lit up the led display.  She plans on trying other experiments with the connections.

Time to find knew books to read.  Wow I didn’t know that we have books that I haven’t read yet!



The temperature is zero or below the last couple of days.  We must hang damp towels to keep the air moist, especially at night so we don’t wake up with sore throats.

And below, I am continuing working on a prayer shawl for someone sick at our church.

Remember to keep your skin moist and smooth with aloe skincare.  We had to use aloe on the mama goats utter.  Being new to milking and the cold weather,  she is sore.  You don’t want that to happen to your skin in this cold weather.

What fun new projects are you starting this winter?


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