6 anti-inflammatory foods

eeing this is the season for colds and flu s, I have a few ideas to help you heal your body.


1)Pineapple and Cherries –  pineapple as bromelian in it.  Bromelian has taken swelling out of my body after eating too much sugar or salt.  You can eat the pineapple frozen, fresh or in juice. Besides taking down swelling from foods you have eaten, you can use it when you have accidents and your joints are swelling up from falls.  Cherries take down swelling as well.

2) Berries –  Berries have large quantities of inflammation reducing phytochemicals and antioxidants. Berries are best eaten fresh or frozen to keep their nutrients. We have eaten berries in smoothies or just by the bowlful.  They are yummy!

3) Spices -Capsaicin ( found in chili peppers) , rosemary and ginger are high in anti- inflammatory  properties. Many dinner dishes have these spices in.  Look them up and give them a try and give your body a break from swelling.

4) Cutting out sugar – When you eat sugar you get swelling and water retention two days after you eat it. Discontinuing sugar will help you reduce inflammation and eventually lose weight.

5) staying away from foods your are allergic to – When you have an allergy to a food,  your body swell up to try to protect you. If you are not eating these foods your inflammation will go away.

6) Aloe vera – Good quality aloe vera can take swelling down in you body and outside.  Outside the skin aloe is use in skin care products and for burns.  Aloe is a healing product, as it goes into the skin and heals from the inside out.  Using aloe in shakes can help take down the inflammation in your intestinal track.   


So there you have it:  Eat pineapple, cherries,  some spices, aloe vera (internal and external)  cutting out sugar and allergy foods and you should be able to reduce much of your inflammation.  You will feel healthier in the long run too.  Please post below on what you do to take swelling down.

Debbie has an Etsy shop selling Goat Milk Soap… I have been told that goat milk lavender soap can help relax arthritic hands.  Go take a look.

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