4 Low energy remedies

Are you having trouble this summer, having energy because of the terrible heat?  We have not had so many days over 89 in a long time.  We also, have not had any rain since the middle of May.  Well, we had 1/2 inch last Friday.  We are thanking God for that, but we need much more.

Here are 4 ways to give yours self energy in this heat.

1)  always, always remember to drink plenty of water.

2)  If you are vegging out with at book or the TV all day waiting for cooler weather, you need to take a break every hour.  I send my kids outside to make sure all the animals have water.  I change laundry and do a little cleaning or check the garden to see if it needs water at night.  You need to keep your body going or you just become depressed.

3)  Remember to have cold foods around to eat.  ie,  carrots, celery,  frozen fruit, maybe ice cream (if you are not allergic to dairy)

4)  Peppermint teas or peppermint in any form will waken the mind and give you energy.

How are you handling the heat this summer?  Share some ideas.


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