3 tips to avoid negativity in your day.

Cabin Fever can bring us down to negativity.  What are some way that we can avoid negative thoughts..

1.  Think about what is great about your day.   For me, today the sun is out and I get to go visit a very nice elderly couple. They are very up beat and we will be cooking dinners for them to use the next few days.

2.  What do you like most about this?  I like to talk to the elderly and learn from there wisdom.  I am shown how it feels to get old and be frustrated.  Teaching me that the elderly are still people that have young minds and they are still learning everyday like us.

3. What am I learning in this situation?  I am learning that it is just as much a sin to use the elderly as it is to use anyone else.  Some elderly are very smart, but may have frailties and cannot fight for themselves. Knowing that they have frailties,and to use them and get your way makes them grieve.

So for today the tips to avoid negativity is to find someone to help and think about why you like helping them and what it is teaching you.

Leave a situation in the comment section today on who you have helped today.

Let us help the elderly, not make their hearts bleed.

Let us help the elderly, not make their hearts bleed.


3 tips to avoid negativity in your day. — 4 Comments

  1. This is very helpful. I think I would add to the first point “and talk about it!” In other words, if I get up and work hard on making it a positive day (in spite of lousy weather, cabin fever, etc.) I will work to find good things about the day–and if I talk about them to the kids, it seems to turn a crummy day to a good one pretty quickly! Thanks!
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