3 Exercise programs for women

Exercising is a wonderful way to give your body energy. Smile and tell yourself you deserve to be healthy for your self and for your family.

I will explain a little bit about each program that I use.

1) is T-Tapp- I love this program because it helps align your body and help build muscle.   Right now I am working the Barefoot Basic +.  I love going barefoot and on the CD she teaches you how to line up your body. If you like this idea you can go to T-Tapp.com .  Teresa Tapp has videos on the site to help you see it this is the program that would be good for you.

2) is dancing-  Put on the music that you like and just move with the kids. Dancing puts oxygen into your lungs and makes you happy the rest of the day.  Other dancing that is very enjoyable is ball room dancing with my husband.  When we cannot go out, we put in a record and dance at home.

Dancing at my daughters wedding a few years back.

Dancing at my daughters wedding a few years back.

3) is Leslie Sansone walking CD’s-  What is enjoyable about this walking  program is there are 4 basic steps.  Walking, kicking, knee lifts, and kick backs.  You can to 1 to 5 miles sessions. When you use your arms and you legs you get a full body work out.  Leslie keeps pushing you to do what you can, but if you are getting tired … instead, of quitting she tells you to go back to walking.  Her website is here – she also gives some sample video’s on her sight.

Below in the comments, tell me what you do to get yourself moving.  Walking outside to feed the animals or play with the kids count as exercise.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


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  2. I’ve never heard of T-Tap. That does sound interesting, especially the barefoot basic. I love to walk barefoot as well. I joined our little town’s fittness center two weeks ago–and so far have not missed a day. Hopefully that will keep up!
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