10 Reasons Why Sleep is Your Friend

Many people think that they do not need 8 to 9 hours a sleep a night.  Here are 10 reasons why sleep is your friend.


!.  When you get 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night, you are a friendlier person and are nicer to people in general.

2. Lack of sleep makes you eat more carbs and snacks.

3.  A chronic insomiac is more likely to suffer hear attacks.  You may very likely get high blood pressure.

4.  Getting a good night sleep makes your brain functions better, when you are working on projects during the day.

Getting enough sleep helps you to have a good time.

Getting enough sleep helps you to have a good time.


5.  Getting enough sleep helps you loose weight.  The reason not getting sleep helps you put on weight is because it messes with your hormones in your brain and tells you that your are hungry, when you are really tired.

6.  Deep Sleep burns 300 calories.

7   Taking a 30 – 90 minute map between 1pm and 4pm will invigorate you and boost job performance.

8.   Getting enough sleep lessens your risk on injury and you will have less pain.

9.   When you consistently don’t get  enough sleep  your menstrual cycle hormones get incomplete messages.

10.  Best of all, getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep keeps your cravings in ckeck.

I have found many if these reasons to be true, with me or other that I know.

Happy Sleeping and have a good life… SMILE

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