10 Good Things About Today

10 Good things about today that made me happy.

10)  Watering the garden with my 9-year-old tonight.  The neighbor stopped over while we were watering.  His wife needs prayers for her Alzheimer.

9)   Watching my 15 and 13-year-old play horse shoes with a home-made pit.

8)   My flowers and potted herbs  are growing as long as I water them. We need rain..

7)  I took a nap today and when I woke up, it was a few degrees cooler.

6)  My boys cooperating on cleaning their rooms is always nice.  Of course, they wanted to play a game and so they finished fast.

5)  The wind in the warm breeze has made the heat bearable.

4)  My L’BRI aloe based skin care has kept my skin hydrated.  smile.

3)  Spearmint water from fresh spearmint out of my garden. This is a nice cool refreshing drink.

2)  Talking to my kids and husband tonight in the warm breeze outside under our tree.  It is so nice to see some happiness in the family again.

1)   The house is cool enough to sleep in tonight.

Share the good things that happened to you today.

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